Documenting a Developing Center of Excellence

Posted on 05. Jan, 2010 by in Blog

Over the next few months I’ll be documenting the ongoing development of an Oracle Financial Center of Excellence. The client has asked me to approach the project work as a combination of business analysis and technical communication. So, I’ll start with the responsibilites of a COE.

For the past few months, I’ve worked with a “get it done” management team and their takes on the purpose of their COE are:

  • Support the participating lines of business lines with Oracle ERP. This includes providing services needed and subject matter experts.
  • Guide software development and implementaions with standards, best practice methodologies, tools and knowledge repositories.
  • Shares learning that includes training, skill assessments, team building and formalized roles.
  • Develop metrics to measure the results and value Oracle Financial ERP delivers.
  • Governance that ensures the organization invests in the most valuable projects and creates economies of scale for their service offering. Also coordinates across other corporate interests to deliver value. This requres allocating limited resources (money, people, etc.) across all possible use.

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