Content Management offers a wide variety of methods to help bring organization and control to your information. Single sourcing, structured authoring and XML workflows are on the cutting edge of document management and total knowledge base control.

  • Single Sourcing creates a single content source then produces different types of documentation from that single content source.
  • Structured Authoring is a method of publishing that defines and enforces organizational rules of information in documents.
  • XML Workflow
    • Producing publications using XML and related technologies requires content creation, validation, and publication.
    • All components must interact perfectly and produce a seamless workflow. In a team-based workflow, text is created in an XML editor or compatible authoring tool. Redundant content is stored and edited in a repository where content can be changed and imported dynamically using a database interface. All required output formats in required languages are produced using configuration files.
    • XML is open source and allows for future development. XML structured data is incorporated into publication workflow with automated features.

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