More than a “come in and fix it” company, ClearPath views each of their customers as future partners in content management and technical communication.

  • What software tools are currently in use?
  • How do you currently track changes?
  • In which languages do you produce foreign language documents?
  • Are you adding new languages?
  • Is your company prepared to make changes to their publications when a CMS is implemented?
  • Is format flexible?
  • Are you prepared to modify content for implementation with a CMS?
  • Are those creating content prepared to make significant changes in the way they work?
  • How are materials produced (current workflow)?
  • What level of automated workflow management does your company expect from a CMS?
  • What output media does your company require?
  • Do you require assistance in selecting a CMS software solution, training, DTD, EDD development and implementation?

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